Houston TX Parks That Families Love To Visit

Houston TX Parks That Families Love To Visit

There are many great parks in Houston TX. You will find them all over the city, and I’m going to tell you about four of the best ones out there. As you learn more about what you can expect when visiting these parks, you can decide where you want to take the family. Who knows, maybe you will make it by all of them. Enjoy getting to know these four top parks in Houston, Texas.

Hermann Park is located at 6201A Hermann Park Drive, and it is known as being the first public park in the city. You are going to find a golf course and an outdoor theater, and that’s just for starters. You can enjoy a picnic in the wooded areas, walk along the nature trails, stop by the zoological gardens and much more. People love the paddle boats, too, and there is a rose garden and a reflecting pool. You can also enjoy feeding the ducks at Hermann Park.

Buffalo Bayou Park is also a great choice, and it is located at 3600 Allen Parkway. This park is also in downtown Houston, just like Hermann Park, and it features great walking trails, too. You will get great views of the city skyline as you enjoy this park. Reviews mention that there are boat tours available, and that sounds fun. Buffalo Bayou Park is huge, and you are going to really like what you find there. The park can get pretty busy, so keep that in mind when it comes to parking.

Memorial Park is located at 6501 Memorial Drive, and it is a great place to go hiking, play ball, walk the dog or picnic with the family. Sand volleyball, tennis and softball facilities are available. You can also hit the driving range if you like. Stop by Memorial Park if you are wanting to visit the best parks in Houston.

There is time for one more recommendation. Sam Houston Park is the place, and you will find it at 1100 Bagby Street. Reviews talk about there being seven historic homes in this park, and those would be neat to see for sure. Skyscrapers are right next to this park, as you are right in the middle of downtown Houston. You get the peaceful tranquility of the park and the juxtaposition of the historic homes with skyscrapers as a backdrop. Visit all four parks in Houston TX if you get the chance, and you won’t be disappointed.

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